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When is CE marking mandatory?

A labeling obligation only exists if your product is subject to corresponding EU regulations that require CE labeling.

For some products several EU regulations apply at the same time. Before attaching the CE mark to your product, you must ensure that it meets all the relevant requirements. Products for which no regulations apply or for which no labeling is required may not be labeled. (Source: YourEurope)

CE guidelines overview - classification (source: CE-Teichen.de)

Low voltage directive for electrical equipment: 2014/35 / EU
Active Implantable Medical Devices: 90/385 / EEC
Pressure Equipment Directive: 2014/68 / EU
simple pressure vessels: 2014/29 / EU
Toy safety: 2009/48 / EC
Construction products: VO (EU) 305/2011
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): 2014/30 / EU
Personal protective equipment (PPE): 89/686 / EEC (from April 21, 2018: VO (EU) 2016/425)
Environmentally friendly design of energy-using products: 2005/32 / EG
Medical devices: 93/42 / EEC
Elevators: 2014/34 / EU
Machines: 2006/42 / EG

Machinery directive here including the so-called outdoor directive (noise protection).
The two directives above also belong to this complex
Elevators and
To make your work easier, here is a file of safety instructions for electrical tools (EN 62841).
Electrical devices are subject to the following directives:
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) (EMC)
Low Voltage Directive (often called LVD)
RED (RTTE) radio systems and telecommunications terminal equipment
RoHS substance bans (now with mandatory CE marking!)
WEEE waste electrical and electronic equipment disposal (no CE, but this garbage can label!)
The ErP / Eco-Design guideline (Eco-Design) has been heavily revised and refers to numerous applicable regulations
To make your work easier, here is a file of safety instructions for household appliances (EN 60335).
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Toy safety and a long text on the CE marking of toys
Construction products: Construction Products Regulation

Pressure equipment directive, the directive on simple pressure vessels covers a slightly different area than the pressure equipment directive and the directive on transportable pressure equipment.
Devices in potentially explosive areas (EX protection / ATEX)
Medical devices and their accessories as well as regarding the two directives

In-Vitro Diagnostics
Active implantable medical devices

The following guidelines are rarely used:

Pleasure craft
Few measuring devices are subject to this directive, which replaces many previous calibration specifications
Explosives for civil purposes
Hot water boiler energy efficiency
Gas appliances energy efficiency
Pyrotechnic materials (fireworks)
Non-automatic weighing instruments
exotic but still CE for fertilizer products

There are other guidelines in this area, but they do not provide for CE marking. These are e.g. the guidelines for

High-speed railway systems
Ship equipment (symbol steering wheel)

Please note that the product safety guideline always applies.

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