WHG-Verdübelung (en)

WHG-Verdübelung (en)

WHG Water Resources Actwhg buch

Law on the organization of the water balance (Water Management Act - WHG)

paragraphparagraph§ 1 The purpose of this law is to use sustainable water management to protect water bodies as part of the natural balance, as the basis of human life, as a habitat for animals and plants and as a usable asset.

gefahrensymbol 1The WHG-compliant dowel technology serves to avert danger in the event of leaking chemicals.


  Dowel technology from a specialist.

As a warehouse technology company, we offer you professional dowelling on so-called WHG areas. Our employees are specially trained by Hilti AG and can present a corresponding test certificate.

We would be happy to organize the planning, delivery of the material and assembly for you

incl. written assembly report.











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